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Leap of Consiousness

A philosophical poem written to document the exquisite journey of mind in pursuit of intellectual exaltation.

Lost soul,
Imprisoned in a body without a goal.
Wondering in the purpose of its existence,
Dwelling in the universe that surrendered.
Experiencing the mysterious, stands rapt in awe,
Trying to comprehend The One to whom universe bows.

Deafening Silence- The Divine Music,
Inspiring some to heights unimaginable,
Haunting others to fears unthinkable.
The utter chaos numbs every sensation,
Except the sense of wonder to the point of submission.
Humbling every atom in the mortal,
To take him to the spiritual journey through the cosmic portal.
Leap in consciousness takes over,
Intensifying the confusion.
Like a powerful storm blowing against a lonely traveller.
New knowledge comes together for fusion.
The sun sets,
Darkness intensifies.
Exposing the life full of illusions.
Newfound perspective glorifies.
The Simple miracle.
Which lay hidden before,
Lay now open
Bare to the inner eye!


What is life?
But consciousness with finite existence,
Floating In the smoke emanating from war of opinions.
Dwelling in the illusion of finding a purpose in its own existence?
Mistaking illusions for reality.
Living in a dream within a dream.
Consciousness destined for immortality.
The Mystery which seemed Incomprehensible before,
Seems now within reach of comprehension.

The Traveller grows tired of the storm,
Closing its eyes,
It prepares itself for the mighty rain.
Repeating to itself to never give up hope of seeing the sun.
Listening to the tiny heart beating within-
Persevere with patience. You shall find Someone.

For truth reveals itself to the deserving souls,
Who, at the smallest whisper of nature, find their hearts sing.
Have their eyes fixed on higher goals,
As it gives them the leisure of wings.
Who find rest in an irresistible search for Truth,
Whose Passion vies against patience.
Who have an unquenchable thirst for the sacred knowledge,
Yet no thirst for glory or fame.
But rather seeks the pleasure of the Supreme Being
The One who breathes life into the equations,
The One to whom universe submits,
The Grand architect of Cosmos.
The one whom science forever strives to comprehend.


The dull routine of existence.
Silent. Numb. Motionless. On the edge.
Expecting someone to love till the end.
It seeks bliss in solitude.
Learnt to smile when had nothing left to be shown.
Discovering its own identity,
It stands rapt in awe.
The world, dead before, was now alive.
In mazes did travel the long lost soul searching for Nepenthe.
But knew it not that it wasnt the remedy.
In hope of trodding the right way,
It threw itself into self inflicted tragedy.
And found pleasure in pain!
Now wanting nothing but Death !
Or worse- to be wiped out from existence.
Heart burns- craving to be released from itself,
The prison of Existence.
The internal chaos grows too heavy a burden to bear.
But the thirst for truth lurks somewhere in subconscious.
The darkness and Silence lulls him to Waking Sleep.

The Sleep lasts years,
Dream collapses.
Gentle breeze Wakes Him up to reality.
The storm seems to have gone.
And the chaos finally led to order.
The eyes shy away from the rays of hope.
Waking up to the new Sun was difficult.
The poetic intuition finally grasped the sacred knowledge.
But left him awestruck and speechless!
Heart and Mind is now in harmony.


It now looks towards the horizon,
Towards the rising sun.
In hope of finding another traveller on this elegant journey.
But found nobody listening to its cry.
The purpose of our mysterious life.
Perhaps its a secret meant for every mortal to discover himself.
And its in the divine plan to silence those who discover it.
There was now a reason for those "Silent whispers".
The mysterious inspiration for mortals.
The time as it flows.
The night as it overspreads.
The light as it shatters the darkness.
The myriad signs become unbelievably apparent.
The secrets of Reality, guarded with unbreakable gip of laws
Now beckoned from just beyond the horizon.
The dawn of awakening was here,
Bringing a smile on his face,
For it was far greater than Nepenthe-
The soul's only craving was Peace.